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Corporate Learning Programs
Links to Leadership is a division of Inside Moves, Inc. We provide safe learning environments for the development of corporate leadership, management, and employee teams. Our trainers present relevant information and experiential learning challenges that build more effective, productive and respected workers in your organization.
Links to Leadership's proven training programs reinforce important attitudes and guiding principles that are meaningful to the sustainment of your company's culture and overall mission.                       
                     Links to Leadership

Links to Leadership Programs:

Links to Leadership Modules

General Corporate Offsite Retreats
Links to Leadership will develop and produce customized learning experiences and fun events for your next company retreat. Our trainers work with your leadership to identify the needs of your organization to be addressed at the Corporate Retreat. The objective of this program is to get your group on the same page. Benefits include a more cohesive, creative and solution-oriented team. Up to 100 participants. 1 to 5 day offsite setting.

Offsite Golf Retreats

Links to Leadership/Management

Links to Visions - "Creating a New Future"
Take a quantum leap into molding what could be. Participants get "out-of-the-box" of everyday business and take time to stimulate creativity for greater enjoyment at work and home. This creativity is balanced by self-responsibility and team motivation in implementing visions to reality. Up to 25 participants. 2 1/2 days event.

Links to Personal Leadership Styles - "Knowing What Motivates People"
This learning event provides interesting insights into the needs and wants of all people by identifying the four basic personality styles. Once mastered, the information learned empowers the user to get through to anyone. Recommended for managers and sales representatives. Up to 100 participants. 1/2 day event.

Links to Negotiating With Difficult People- "Overcoming Barriers to Cooperation"
This course recognizes that no one lives in isolation and that we all face negotiating challenges that involve other people: customers, salespeople, management, employees, competition and adversaries. This program explores effective ways to find and reach win-win solutions. Change face-to-face confrontation to side-by-side problem solving. Up to 100 participants. 1/2 day event.

Links to Team Building

Links to Team Dynamics - "Developing High Performance Teams"
Team Building is a process of blending diverse personalities, cultures and backgrounds into a cohesive and mutually supportive team. Our training focuses on the group's dynamic and effective determination of its mission and goals from inception through implementation. Up to 100 participants. 1 or 2 day event, indoor or outdoor settings.

Links to Team Integration - "Melding Two or More Groups Into One"
Team Integration provides improved trust, communication and synthesis to better realize the purpose and integrity of post merger-acquisition companies, cooperating company groups or divisions, or subcontractors. Participants learn to appreciate the strengths of each other and to loosen the defenses and fears that often become problematic. Up to 100 participants. 1 or 2 day event in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.

Links to Personal Development

Links to Leadership Stress Management - "Staying Cool When Circumstances Aren't "
This exciting and informative event focuses on the improvements that can be made at the individual, division, and company level to reduce the effects of toxic stress. This training allows the opportunity for participants to develop a personal strategy for managing both internal and external stresses. While improvements in diet and exercise are valuable, participants will discover new areas of understanding that assist in reducing stress. Up to 200 participants. 3 hour event.

Other Links to Leadership Modules

Links to Leadership also offers these additional programs: Relaxation Exercises, Setting Realistic Goals, Productivity, Creating Excitement in the Workplace, Working With Limited Resources, Mentoring, Presentation Skills Coaching, Crisis Management, Working With Risk, Decision Making and Communication Styles.


Some of our Clients:
Texas Association of Pharmacists
Child Inc. Head Start
U.S. Dept. of Education
Texas State Association of Residential Treatment Providers
Travis County Probation Dept.
San Antonio Independent School District
State Education Agency, Louisiana/New Mexico/Arkansas
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